With the exponential increase in career opportunities in Information Technology and other Industries, Bengaluru (Bangalore) city is expanding at a rapid pace with families moving to the Garden City from many parts of India and abroad.

To meet the educational needs of expanding population, the city of Bangalore has seen a dramatic raise in the number of educational institutions.

The idea to establish the website was to provide a platform for the parents seeking all available information about the schools in the city of Bengaluru (Bangalore). With a comprehensive database of schools and simple user interface, the goal for the website is to be the best source of information to enable the parents make an informed decision for their children’s schooling needs.

We are passionate about helping you discover the schools in the city of Bengaluru (Bangalore), their offerings, locations and other details.

The website has also an extensive list of articles related to  various aspects of children. We are striving hard to add more articles covering diverse areas that benefit children.

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